Alison Carpenter-Hughes is a mixed-media artist and an arts event and project manager, specialising in textiles and in particular, free-motion embroidery; using her domestic sewing machine as a tool for ‘drawing’ and ‘painting. Her main concern is a process-driven exploration of material, considering moments of thought, place and time; exploring a sense of transience and fleetingness, with the unique elements of the material often guiding the outcome of her artwork. 

Much of her work captures everyday experiences, revealing moments of intimacy and vulnerability.She particular enjoys the tactile sensuousness of textiles, often creating work with the look of a sketch and loose hanging threads. The partially constructed artworks appearing to be disintegrating or floating-off, evoking a dreamlike state; offering glimpses of subjects, but never fully revealing them. This partiality imparts a sense of incompletion, imperfection and impermanence to her work, allowing viewers to derive their own narratives.

Since starting her practice in 2018, Alison has exhibited and sold artwork internationally, working on private and public commissions and taught a large range of art workshops to people of all ages for twenty five years. She continues to push her practice through trying new techniques, working with scale and different medium, sometimes in collaboration, such as with animation, sound, augmented reality and large-scale public work. Residencies, sponsorships, and awards have opened opportunities to experiment further.

Public engagement has also been a strong focus in Alison’s practice for the last two years. Making art accessible beyond gallery walls, through collaborative event and project management. She co-founded and organises the Textiles Takeover events and Leicester Textiles Festival; bringing together diverse community groups and artists to celebrate the city’s rich textile heritage, with an interplay of art, culture, and community to foster a shared sense of connection and enjoyment. Currently, Alison is co-setting up a creative community hub, Mission Magpie, in the heart of Leicester City.

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